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Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:Nilbog, New York, United States of America
Rachelle Neveu: a funny, curvy, green-eyed girl; a writer, a student, a magnet for trouble. Prefers even numbers and owns too many books. Current dreams of working for the Library of Congress have eclipsed her childhood wishes to either sing professionally or become Catwoman. She has questionable taste in men, music, and ice cream flavors, and while terrible at practicing Judaism she is surprisingly good at both balancing coins on their edges and memorizing useless information. She likes bad movies and historical fiction and many kinds of monsters, blue-ink pens and field trips and making people laugh. She doesn't like mushrooms or spiders, she isn't all that fond of hippies, and a part of her still wishes that she could go to Hogwarts. She is nowhere near this articulate in real life and may or may not actually be a robot.

Interests (84):

30 rock, aimless driving, alfred hitchcock, all kinds of history, alternate universes, amy tan, ancient history, ancient/world/early american history, apocalypse scenarios, arrested development, astronomy, bad actor island, batman, blue skies, christopher guest movies, christopher moore, chuck palahniuk, college a cappella, community, deadly women, field trips, firefly, folklore and fairytales, folklore/fairytales, forest ranger mcbuff, frankenstein, futurama, game of thrones, general geekery, glee, harry potter, having incredibly terrible taste, high levels of dysfunction, indiana jones, jazz, john hughes movies, jurassic park, knitted afghans, law and order, leading various revolutions, losing constantly, making friends with strangers, margaret atwood, mel brooks, mimes, musicals, mythology, naomi shihab nye, neil simon, pasta, poetry, proper grammar, putting tequila in things, rachel cohn, revolutionary whatsits, secretly being a robot, sekou sundiata, silly inside jokes, singing my heart out, star wars, station eleven, stephen colbert, stephen king, talking with strangers, tennessee williams, thatguywiththeglasses, the addams family, the buffalo sabres, the dead "breakfast club", the godfather, the hunger games, the office, the other wesley snipes, the tenth kingdom, the twilight zone, true blood, watching 'deadly women', weird family stories, westerns, westies, william shakespeare, world war z, writing about hookers, zombies
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