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I've got to head off to work in, oh, twenty minutes, so just a quick update:

+ My friend Ruby's boyfriend is apparently some kind of computer genius who can fix anything, and I've given him my old harddrive to see if he can get anything off of it. I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. If he can, though, I don't care what Ruby says: that man is getting naming privileges for all hypothetical firstborn children and, like, three hundred dollars. It's worth it.

+ My new job at CDHS is awesome. Still. And if it weren't for the fact that I really do need the money right now, I would totally quit the library if I could. Rude patrons, jerk bosses, and getting only nine hours a week is not enough for me to want to stay, but it's a paycheck...and the tuition for one creative writing class at Buff State this summer is $700, which means I'll have to hold on and bite my tongue until at least the fall.

+ I'm on Skype now! ...Kind of. Ish. I'm working on it. I'm under rachelle_neveu if anyone wants to find me, because when it comes to picking names, I have no imagination. :P

Ta, darlings.

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It would certainly fit me better than "Victoria," especially after this past week. :P

I dug my old laptop out of my dad's office/closet yesterday, trying to figure out if I'd left anything behind when I tranfered my documents and such. About half my music library is still there, but aside from a few miscellaneous pictures (actors and fanart and other odd things), all my pictures are gone. I've got some on Facebook and I still haven't taken the ones from Costa Rica off my camera, but everything else: all the ones of Harper and the Hallway Kids, all the backstage stuff from Rumours and Copacabana and Bye Bye Birdie, everything from the trip to New York City when I won the essay contest, so many of my family - everything's gone and I don't have doubles anymore. *sigh* I will never, never stop kicking myself for this. >_<

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 Firstly, a meme borrowed from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] cysfics:

Pick a character from any of my fandoms - canon or one of my OCs, doesn't matter. Let me know who you've picked and I will write you a "ten things" ficlet describing my head!canon for that character. 


Secondly, a bit of an update as to what's been happening in my RL. )



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