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Sep. 30th, 2010 12:19 am
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- I had a really weird moment on Sunday when I realized that Rob Gronkowski, the new tight end for the New England Patriots, is the same Rob Gronkowski I went to high school with. It was kind of odd seeing his face on the TV when they first introduced him during the Patriots/Bills game, because I remember that guy as being the absolute toolbox who continually knocked his forehead on doorways and threatened to stuff McBuff in a locker sophomore year – not the ass-kicking, touchdown-making monster the public knows today. Huh. Times change, I guess, but it's still kind of strange.

- Against my better judgment, I bought Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Saturday. And as surprising as it might sound, it actually turned out to be kind of enjoyable. I had fairly low expectations, honestly, because I absolutely hated Seth Grahame-Smith’s first “novel,” Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love zombie-fiction as much as the next person (and I know I’m a little biased because I don’t like Jane Austen all that much to begin with), but come on, guys: that book was terrible. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is at least a readable book – sure, it’s full of badly photoshopped pictures, Vampire!John Wilkes Booth, and the “real reason” for Lincoln ending slavery in the South having to do with bloodsucking fiends, but the pacing is good, there aren’t any random ninjas, and Grahame-Smith is consistently spelling the lead character’s name right. As a total grammar freak, that really, really bothered me in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because even I know that it is Elizabeth Bennet. Not “Benet” or even “Bennett.” If you’re going to use one spelling of the name, either use the right one or make sure it’s consistent throughout the damn book and not changing with every other page. Anyway, now I want to read an actual biography of Lincoln…not just one where he’s fighting hordes of the undead every five pages or so. The man led a fascinating life. I’ve heard some good things about Lincoln, and Team of Rivals looks like it could be very interesting.

- After learning that Harper had never seen it before, she and I had a Firefly marathon not too long ago. Recently, I’ve been told that I am an awful, awful android person because she has had Jayne Cobb on the brain ever since and is seriously considering writing fanfiction. Which totally wasn’t my intention at all…*shifty eyes* I think she’s just mad that she now has legitimate nerd cred, and can no longer claim that she’s just the weird mutant offspring of a punk and a hippie. Again, totally not my intention...nooo...

- I might be going to Israel in the spring! There are these things called Birthright Tours, and if you can prove that you’re really Jewish, the Taglit-Birthright Organization will actually pay for you to stay in Israel for ten days. The only thing I would need actual money for is the $250 deposit and if I want to buy something while I’m over there. Seriously, this is all legit, and there are a dozen different programs you can travel with. If you qualify, definitely look into it, because if you’re between the ages of 18 and 26, Jewish, have a valid passport, and have never been to the country before, chances are pretty good that they’ll give you a plane ticket to Tel Aviv. :o)

- My award came in the mail last week! It is glass and book-shaped and a lot heavier than I expected it to be, but it came in a fancy box and it has my name on it! Here are some pictures, because I am incredibly vain proud of this:

Yes, I know you can see my boobs in the reflection. Shhh.
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You know how I sometimes write stuff that isn't fanfiction? No? Well...I do. Not lately, but I do. And last spring, back when I was still at the glorified high school that is Niagara County Community College, one of my professors convinced me to enter an essay I'd written about my uncle's funeral into a contest. I hadn't expected anything to come out of it -- the contest was open to schools all across the country, two- and four-year alike -- and after I sent in my entry I kind of forgot about it. I had a million other things on my plate at the time (getting ready to graduate in May, working on a secret, ongoing project with Harper, trying - and failing - to improve my art skills by taking a drawing class, and so on...), so my entry in a contest that was open to the entire country and probably had thousands of people entering it kind of slipped my mind. I figured that it was enough just sending something in, putting myself out there and all that, and then I went back to being terrible at drawing shadows on boxes.

This morning, I got an e-mail from the president of The Norman Mailer Writer's Colony, the people who hosted the contest. I didn't win, but I was one of the five finalists out of over 2000 entries. I don't get the $5,000 check and I don't get to go to the Colony's writing seminar in the summer, but I do get a trophy. This. Is. AWESOME. *dances*

I'm typing this on a computer at school so I don't have the essay with me, but if anyone is interested I will definitely post it later!

(And gaaah, I know all of this sounds horribly vain and shallow and completely self-centered, but this kind of thing almost never happens to me. Writing is one of the few things I can do well - my talents really only include baking, singing, writing, and balancing coins on their edge - so to now have proof, to now be able to tell my circus freak family that I actaully can write well enough to make money at it and have them stop giving me pamphlets for jobs I don't want? That's pretty freaking sweet. 8D)


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